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What are cookies?

Why do we use cookies?

Why should you use the logout link?

Do our cookies put your private information at risk?

How can you ensure your browser is accepting cookies?

Where can you learn more about cookies?

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What are cookies?
A cookie is a small string of information sent from a web server to a web browser. The web browser stores the cookie as a text file, then returns the string of information when requested by the server. Cookies are traditionally used for personalizing web sites, tracking a browser's activity and identifying site visitors. Typically, only the specific server that sent a particular cookie can retrieve that particular cookie at a later date.

How does BenefitsView® use cookies?
In order to ensure security and privacy, we enforce a logon process that authenticates each user upon first visiting the BenefitsView® website. Once you log on, a cookie is placed on your computer that identifies you as an authenticated user to our website. Note that your password is NOT stored in this cookie. This cookie will expire when you log out.

Why should you use the logout link?
When you log in to BenefitsView®, your browser initiates a "session" that allows you to visit the entire BenefitsView® site without logging in to each separate page. However, if you keep your session open, anyone with access to your computer and open browser application can access your sensitive financial data. To prevent unauthorized access to your information, you should always follow these steps when finished viewing our website:
  1. Use the logout link to end your session
  2. Close your browser window
Failing to follow those steps could compromise your sensitive private information.

Please Note: If you choose to accept our cookie to automate log-ins, be aware that people who have access to your computer may also be able to access your sensitive financial data, whether or not you use the logout link.

Does saving your preferences with our cookies put your private information at risk?
Your preferences are saved using two separate cookies. One cookie saves your logged-in status, automating the log-in process, without saving your UserID or Password. A separate cookie saves your "view" preference. Neither of these cookies save any sensitive or private data on your hard drive.

Although the cookies themselves do not save any sensitive data on your hard drive, you may allow others access to your sensitive, private information!  Using the cookie that automates logging in to BenefitsView® allows anyone to use your computer and browser software to access your information. You should use this cookie only in a completely secure environment where you can control who has access to your computer.

How do you enable cookies in your browser?
If you wish to use the enhanced features offered through cookies or are forced to log in each time you access a web page, follow these steps to ensure cookies are enabled in your browser:
Note: Currently, instructions are offered for Internet Explorer 5 only.
  1. At the top of your browser window, click Tools, then click Internet Options.
  2. Click on the security tab, then click the Custom Level button.
  3. You should see a dialog box named Security Settings. Scroll down until you see Cookies, then click enable under the two categories.
  4. Click OK twice to save your changes.

Where can you go for more information about cookies?
There are many sites on the internet that offer information on cookies. However, most of these sites attempt to persuade viewers either that cookies are harmful to your computer and betray your privacy or that cookies are completely harmless. If you wish to learn more about cookies in general, but wish an unbiased source of information, we suggest the following sites. Clicking on these links will open a new window; to return to our site, simply close the new window.

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